About the Artist
Regina Granne: Journal: Syntax of Mourning, Recent Paintings

New York, NY
Regina Granne’s new series of paintings is called “Journal: Syntax of Mourning.” The new paintings are singular in their concerns. The images in part spring from political events that are pictured in the newspaper. The pictures are ordered into a formal setup that removes them from the transitory. The paintings are about the fact that it comes and goes, terrible and horrific, and we barely notice. It’s a glimpse and we throw it in the trash along with the coffee grounds. By placing these images in the paintings, Ms. Granne makes us slow down. She stops the continuous stream and freezes it. The paintings are insistent. The trumpet “Pay attention! Look at this! It’s still happening.” These paintings take place in our present.

Ms. Granne further challenges us by presenting what is clearly a perceived space that becomes iconic and abstract. She presents a collision of information. These paintings ask us to come to grips with how we see what we are looking at. They comment on the raw material of the human condition. For more information please contact: Dena Muller, Director.