About the Artist
Regina Granne: The Ledger Series

New York, NY
A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Regina Granne entitled, “The Ledger Series.”

Started after the death of her father in 1994, these wood panels are images of fruit, vegetables and flowers of the most ordinary kind; indeed, the kind we generally take little notice of a simply pass by. But, Ms. Granne focuses her gaze on these objects, touches, and defines them for us in equipoise, balancing light and color. The formal treatment of each view remains the same, allowing each object to reveal its individuality and character.

In this new work, Ms. Granne departs somewhat from the singular objectivity of her earlier paintings. Instead, she offers a commentary filled with sentiment and visual pleasure. The painting rewards the gaze that lingers on the skin and texture of the works. They are not exercises, but a re reflections of lives lived, on mortality and ordinariness.

For more information please contact: Alissa Schoenfeld, Director.