Lamenting Angels, 2001, Oil on linen, 60" X 60"
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Culled from the daily newspaper, the images in the Lamentations series picture the violent and horrific things that are casually displayed in print and media. We scan them with our morning coffee, and we barely notice. It took me a while to figure out how to structure this image. I was taken by the pictures of the spontaneous altars that would occur at the site of violence and the first paintings in this group was ordered and formal like little altars to remove them from the transitory. By placing these images in a painting, my aim is to make us slow down, stop the continuous steam and freeze them under our gaze. Put them out on the table to look at, to say, “Pay attention! Look at this! This is happening!”
  • Lamenting Angels, 2001
  • Oil on linen
  • 60" X 60"